Golfstar Hack

Golfstar is a 3D golfing MMO. Create a custom avatar using a variety of clothing and accessories and play a few holes alone or with up to 30 other players. Golftstar has anime inspired character designs and allows simultaneous play, making multiplayer games much faster paced.
Golfstar is a Korean developed golfing MMO being published in North America and Europe by Gamigo. The game was developed by Com2uS and has anime styled characters. The golf courses and surrounding environments are well rendered. Golfstar supports multiplayer matches of up to 30 players, and allows them to all play at once. This speeds up gameplay tremendously and is an improvement over several older golfing games. Like other golfing MMOs, players can customize their avatars and explore persistent shopping areas. As players progress, they?ll be able to learn passive skills that improve their stamina and strength. Golfstar competes with games like Pangya, Shot Online, and Tiger Woods Online. Graphically speaking, Golfstar looks fantastic and is well worth checking out for those interesting in golfing games.
Once registered, a helpful tutorial guides you through the basics of the game. The core golfing mechanic is a relatively simple one. Two meters represent power and accuracy. Power is charged by holding the spacebar down and releasing it at the desired power level. Accuracy is determined by how close a reticule is to the centre of the accuracy circle. Both are simple timing games, and whilst you can reposition your shot and change clubs, that?s all it takes to take a shot in a basic game of GolfStar.
1. Download rar.
2. Extract rar.
3. Open Golfie Hack, Cheat Tool v1.95
4. Connect your iOS or Android device to computer using USB.
5. Select your device (iOS or Android)
6. Click the ?Detect Device? button.
7. Wait until hack detects the device and the game.
8. Enter the ammount of resources you want to add.
9. Click ?HACK? and wait a few seconds.
10. Restart the game.
11. You are DONE! Go and have fun with it!

Last update: 23.05.13