Air Patriots Hack Tool Cheats

Our team presented fully operating Air Patriots Hack Tool gives you unlimited Gears in a few second.Certainly, you can play and emerge victorious in this game.
Game description:
Air Patriots redefines tower security games with distinctive drawing gears, and „towers” that go for flight!
In Air Patriots, you direct a squadron of airplanes by drawing the trails to get the rival.In Contrast with usual tower security games, in Air Patriots your artillery is all-portable, permitting you to modify strategies on the fly and get your „towers” to the right place.
Organize your security so that in case the combat becomes violent by leveling-up airplanes and assembling gears that will unlock fresh battlefields and bring in original exclusive aircraft to your armada. Aim high to get a medal of honor on the Rookie, Pro, and Veteran ranks of every map and you will unlock one of the 100 wave persistence heights, which will modify the tactic.
Air Patriots has attractive opulent visuals, above 50 attainments, an overwhelming music score, and virtually unending hours of enjoyment!
Air Patriots is an action tactic game with modest gears. Simply draw outlines with fingers to accurately govern the path every airplane in theconvoy trails when decide to incorporate the rival. Air Patriots confronts players to equilibrium an entire squadron of aircraft by rapid and intelligent tactics to eradicate the looming attack from the rivals.
- Use simple intuitive touchscreen controls to control your squadron
- Score OK high to get the best medal possible on each of the levels
- Hand pick your squadron from a variety of unique airplanes
- Play for subsequent hours to achieve high scores and unlock all achievements
- Level-Up your airplanes to make them even more destructive
- PATROL PATHS – Drawing paths is just the start; you can make a patrol path by drawing a circle. After an airplane is in a patrol path it will trail the same path indeterminately, thus plan prudently.
- MAP STRATEGY – Get you personal preferred spots for patrol paths on each of the seven exceptional maps to brand your tactic and make the most score!
- SQUADRON SELECTION – Missile can be fired from some point, bombs might do extra fire or radiation destruction. In all there are 13 plane forms, nonetheless you can simply start a level with five. Choose your winning grouping!
Air Patriots Hack Tool Details:
  • Version: 2.1
  • Operating System: Android, Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch, iOS
  • Anti-Ban Protection: Yes
  • Undetectable Script: Yes
Air Patriots Hack Tool Features:
  • Add unlimited Gears Hack
  • Unlock All Maps
  • Unlock All Aircrafts
  • Max Plane Slots Cheat (5 Plane Slots)
  • Level X all Aircrafts (Max level All Aircrafts)
Using Air Patriots Hack Tool:
1. Download rar
2. Extract rar.
3. Open a „Air Patriots Hack Tool.exe”.
4. Connect your iOS or Android device to computer using USB. (Air Patriots must be installed and running with the Internet connection)
5. Select your device (iOS or Android)
6. Click the „Detect Device” button
7. Wait until hack detects the device and game
8. Enter the ammount of resources you want to add (gears)
9. Click „START HACK” and wait a few second.
10. Reload and see your Air Patriots Android or iOS game app.
  • Choose one of the two mirrors and click on the download image.
  • Choose ”Download” on the new tab opened.
  • A list of surveys will appear to you.
  • Choose one survey from the list given and complete it correctly. The download link will be unlocked.
  • You`re done. You can download the hack.

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