Drakensang Online Cheat Trainer v3.0

Drakensang Online Cheat Trainer v3.0

Hey, do you want me to present Drakensang Online hack. It allows you to add to the game: Andermand, Gold, Silver and Copper. If you want your Drakensang Online gameplay more fun and easier you absolutely need to download Drakensang Online Hack. He is the best and safest hack. All my cheats and hacks are certified anti-virus security. If you have a problem, you can contact me.

Instructions on how to handle Drakensang Online Hack :

1. Enable
2. Click Options > Select the location of the game
                           > In the second window locations hack
3. Check for updates. If the program is not updated then the program will not work as it should
            a) If it is not updated, click Update> Update software> download file
            b) If there is an updated go to the bot
4. Go to the bot
5. Complete the fields and click Generate
6. Wait until the program finishes work and shut it
7. After 15-20 minutes, check your account in Drakensang Online.


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